Prop 10: Is It Going to Worsen the Housing Cost Crisis in California?

Learn why Prop 10 is actually a bad idea, and why many people and local groups are opposing it fervently.

What Is Prop 10?

In the state of California, many local families are actually experiencing a lot of financial issues due to the rampant increase in housing costs. Prop 10, short for Proposition 10, is a very controversial measure, which is on track to make the current housing crisis even worse. Prop 10, also known as “The Affordable Housing Act” is by far one of the most heated topics in the industry today, and it is one the most discussed and contested propositions in California’s November ballot.

In a time when rental fees throughout the state are at an all-time height, families currently pay over a half of their income for their housing, on a monthly basis.

Many relevant and well-respected industry experts, as well as seniors and veterans, and political leaders are vocally opposing Proposition 10, particularly due to the fact that it will make housing more expensive and less accessible to a large number of people. In order to really solve this crisis, there are definitely better solutions out there! For instance, the affordable housing bond on the same ballot is definitely a much better alternative for all middle-class families.

Why Is Prop 10 A Bad Idea?

One of the many reasons why Prop 10 is a very bad approach to this situation is definitely the fact that it will end up forcing taxpayers to pay many legal bills and cause unnecessary expenses, not to mention repealing existing laws (The Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act), without really offering another solution.

Props 10 is also going to be damaging in terms of real estate investment value. In fact, it will significantly contribute to a reduction in home values. Policies related to this initiative have already been shown to reduce property values by over 10%, which is definitely a big hit for single-family homeowners especially. To put the numbers into perspective, Prop 10 could lead homeowners in California to lose roughly $60,000 per household!

While Prop 10 will lead to a decrease in real estate value, as described in the previous paragraph, it also might drive rental prices up, thus further spiking the cost of housing in the community.

Who Is Opposing Proposition 10?

If you think that Prop 10 is a bad idea, you are definitely not alone. Families throughout the state are opposing, it along with veterans and many other relevant social groups and communities throughout California. Even politicians of all factions are poised to Prop 10, under the agreement that it will not ameliorate housing conditions—on the contrary, it has a huge potential to make the situation a lot worse than it is.

Homeowners deserve protection: this is why they deserve better than Prop 10!

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