e-Leasing: Take Your Leasing Online

This article explores the way that e-Leasing could streamline your rental business services, ensuring that you’re working smarter not harder!

Due to the increasing popularity of digital technologies, many contemporary procedures are actually made a lot easier and convenient due to the Internet–from banking to other important procedures, such as e-Leasing. Keep reading in order to find out more!

Ushering in A New Era for The Rental Industry

A rental company does more than just finding tenants for landlords. Most rental companies also focus on marketing, processing rental applications, screening potential tenants, processing rent, and managing accounts. The rental industry demands some of the most diverse and hands-on workloads than any other.

Fortunately, there are now a variety of online software systems that have been created to make these jobs more efficient and effective than ever before. Even lease processing has transferred to online systems so that it’s much easier to help connect potential tenants to great properties. Read on to discover how new software technology can usher your management business into the conveniences of the modern age.

e-Leasing Agreements

Another great innovation in the property management sector is the changes that have been made to lease agreements. Now that e-leasing agreements can be digitalized, that means they can be sent and signed electronically by all the parties involved. This modern approach saves a significant amount of money on printing services and also saves time that would be better spent on other management duties such as marketing rentals and screening new applicants. Keep reading in order to learn more about some of the most exciting recent innovation related to online lease agreements!

Environmentally Friendly

Lease agreements can be hefty contracts with a high page count. This is especially true if there are any errors on the agreement, causing it to be reprinted multiple times. Copies usually have to be made for the landlord, Management Company, and the tenants involved. Becoming paper light and digitizing your lease agreements will reduce your company’s eco-footprint and save you money in the long run.

Save Time

Online lease agreements save every party involved a significant amount of time. Lease agreements in the past had to be emailed, printed, scanned, and sent back to the management office. Now, online lease agreements streamline the process, leaving you more time to focus on other important management jobs.

Avoid Mistakes

Human error is unavoidable in the rental industry, particularly when “old school” technology is implemented most of the time. With lease agreements, they can easily get lost in the depth of a system or signed incorrectly, resulting in a loss of time, energy and money for all parties involved. However, electronic lease agreements will be stored digitally, meaning they are convenient to find for you and the tenants. On top of this, signing a lease agreement has never been easier, which means that no annoying little page will be left unsigned again!

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