California Applicant-Screening Fee Update

California rental application fees are governed by California Civil Code §1950.6. To avoid unfair business practice claims, California enacted this civil code.  As a result,  The law allows the application fee to increase annually according to the consumer price index (CPI).  As of now your application fee may not exceed $50.94.  This represents an increase […]

Insight Screening Solutions Announces Integration With Rent ManagerTM

Insight Screening Solutions announces Integration with Rent ManagerTM Insight Screening Solutions, a leading screening technology platform has completed its integration with Rent ManagerTM.  Rent Manager is utilized by more than 30,000 property managers all over the country. This new integration combines Rent Manager’s best-in-class property management software with Insight Screening Solutions industry-leading background screening tools. […]

e-Leasing: Take Your Leasing Online

This article explores the way that e-Leasing could streamline your rental business services, ensuring that you’re working smarter not harder! Due to the increasing popularity of digital technologies, many contemporary procedures are actually made a lot easier and convenient due to the Internet–from banking to other important procedures, such as e-Leasing. Keep reading in order […]

Establishing Rental Screening Criteria

This is a comprehensive guide on the way to efficiently and effectively screen tenant applicants. Every professional property manager and landlord will have rental screening criteria set in place to screen future tenants before signing onto a lease. These checks may include aspects such as prior rental history, work references, rent to income ratio, credit […]